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Unless I'm at a Birth...

Unless I’m at a Birth…. If you have any Doula friends or know any Doula’s you’ve heard this phrase before. Doula’s have crazy schedules, they are on call for four weeks at a time for each client. Babies come… well let’s face it, anytime they want. Babies come at night, on the weekends, during baby showers, birthday parties, school performances, dinner parties, holidays and anniversary’s. Prior to becoming to doula I prided myself on being dependable to family, friends, and my kids. Now I find myself saying I’ll be there, unless I’m at a birth. With three small kids at home my family is also on call whenever I am. Whether it’s to help get kids to school or get them fed and down for naps bathed or down for the night, I am so fortunate to have family around, I could never do this without them. Births are unpredictable, everyone of them is completely different, and utterly beautiful. I never know if I’ll be at a birth for three hours or eighteen, so I have to try to prepare at home for the latter. But I have the coolest job in the entire world! I feel so fortunate I get to do what I am passionate about for a living. This job allows me to be with my kids most of the time, and they know I’ll be here for them to take them to the park, birthday celebrations, school parties, holidays, and all the days in between…. Unless of course, I’m at a birth.

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