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What People Are Saying...

Meagan Wentz

We had a wonderful experience with Hayley as our doula! This was my second birth but first time with a doula. I wanted my second birth experience to be less chaotic and more peaceful. Although there were tough moments during my labor, Hayley made me feel calm and more confident this time around. She has such a calming presence and was encouraging and reassuring me the entire time. She checked in on me frequently during the weeks leading up to and after birth. I highly recommend Hayley if you are looking for a supportive doula! We will definitely use her for any future babies!

Julie M.

I dont know how I gave birth to my first child without Hayley. We gave birth to our second child and I had heard so many good things about friends who used doulas. Hayley was recommended to me by a friend.

I will guarantee I will not give birth without her again! She was so helpful in walking through questions before the birth that I hadn't really thought through.

When she arrived at the hospital she was so helpful. Did things my husband had been doing. An extra person helping with anything I needed. She worked so great with my nurse giving ideas on positions... and other ways to move labor along. She was so encouraging after I continued to tell her and my nurse there was no way I could do this. She checked on me after birth and even visited the house.

I cannot recommend Hayley more... I can't imagine having another baby without her!!!

Kaela Martin McGarity

Hayley was a godsend for my pregnancy and delivery. She kept me going through 46 hours of labor and made sure that I was heard, in charge, and focused on pushing out my baby, Landon. At every step of the way, she was there with helpful suggestions, good humor, and a willingness to fight for my needs and comfort. 

If I ever get pregnant again, I know exactly who I plan on calling! Thanks so much, Hayley. You're the best!

Tiffany Peery

We LOVED Hayley! We used her for our 3rd baby and are so glad we did. This was our first experience with a doula and looking back I would have used her with all my babies if I could have. She was there for us every step of the way and always checking in on me. She was exactly what we needed to help get through our 3rd delivery. We had a hard pregnancy so going into the delivery we needed all the help we could get (including my husband). After we got home my husband told me he didn't know how he could have done it without Hayley. We were faced with a few hard decisions during my labor and she helped talk us through the options and was completely supportive when I diverted from my original plan. She helped support us through the unknown and hard times we had during our labor and I couldn't imagine doing this without her! Thank you, Hayley!! 


Hayley was a tremendous blessing for my delivery. She helped my fiancé and I create a birth preference and recommended prenatal classes to prepare us to become parents. I "planned" a natural birth and that is what I had! It was 36 hours of work but with her help and assistance I was able to manage the last few moments of intense pain and deliver a healthy and beautiful baby girl. She helped me be prepared mentally and physically prior to delivery with all of my options and I had ample time to research breathing techniques and birthing positions to get through the miraculous process or pregnancy and birth. I did not feel like this was my first child because Hayley helped me prepare so much I felt like a warrior and in charge of my body in and unpredictable event. Without her help, the incredible staff, and my family I wouldn't have been able to do this the way I wanted. I felt in control of my birth and delivery and she helped me be heard  in the moments I could not advocate for myself. If you are a first time mom or 20th time mom and family I highly recommend Hayley because she just makes the process 100x better and having someone be able to massage and coach you through a tough and hard moment is incredible to experience. When you hear that sweet first cry or have that child placed on your chest you can feel proud of your birth experience because your doula was able to get you ready. Not only does she help prepare you for birth, help during delivery but also postpartum! She is always available 24/7 with all the questions or concerns you may have and she has an unlimited amount of resources for you if needed. I'm so grateful to have been blessed to find her and will be using her for all my future children if God sees it fit. 

Daphna Z

As a first time mom, I was anxious about pregnancy, labor and delivery. As soon as I met Hayley over Zoom for our intro call, I was immediately put at ease. Hayley was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable about the whole process and is also hilarious, caring, and an all around awesome person! We met a few times prior to labor and she checked in with me several times a week. During labor, she was perfect at guiding me while partnering with the medical staff- the doctors and nurses all raved about her! (And that is not common for a hospital delivery). I felt in control of my birth and was very comfortable with decisions made. I will definitely be calling her for my next babies! 

Christy Staggs

So very thankful to have the support from Hayley. We spent so much time preparing the home and nursery among other things that I didn't really prepare mentally for the birth. Her guidance and calmness really helped me get through a very long night. It was hard not having any extended family in town for the birth, but having a female presence who I could trust was everything, especially when my birth didn't go exactly to plan. Thank you so much!!! <3


I could have never guessed the importance a doula would have in my birth experience. Hayley was a natural fit from the moment we met and there for me as a resource and friend from the very beginning. In the days leading up to labor, she never failed to check in on me. And when it was time, she was here within the hour. When my plans for a natural unmedicated birth went awry, Hayley never left my side and advocated for me til the very end. She not only supported me but also my husband through some very frustrating and scary moments. We now have a beautiful healthy baby boy and Hayley will no doubt be a part of my son's life. She has become like family to us. If you're on the fence about whether you need a doula (I was..), I sincerely encourage you to consider. There is a lot I would change if I could go back, but having Hayley by our side is not one of them. Definitely one of the best investments I made in my pregnancy.


Hayley was amazing! This is my first baby and she put so many of my fears and anxieties at ease. Always there for questions/concerns, and was constantly checking on me before and after my birth. 

I couldn't imagine her not being there for the delivery. I was put on magnesium (to prevent seizures), which makes you extremely sick, and having her there made my symptoms more manageable. And a great coach while I was pushing as a calm presence. She also kept me relaxed as they were checking on my baby girl for her immediate checkup. 

She was also so helpful on the postpartum home visit. I was exclusively pumping because my baby could not get a good latch (lip and tongue tie, which we had fixed), and she helped me achieve that. 

Hayley is the BEST! 

Nicole Zamora

Hayley is amazing! I am so thankful we chose to have a doula. I labored for a really long time and she was there through it all. She found ways to encourage me and make me feel comfortable during my time of labor with different positions and techniques. Her strong uplifting spirit brought peace during a difficult time. Can't wait to contact her again for our next baby :) 

Sarah F.

When my original doula had to move out of state early in my pregnancy she directed me to Hayley to see if she was a good fit for us. From our first meeting it was like meeting with an old friend! She was friendly, eager to learn our backstory to better connect with us, and understand our preferences for labor and delivery. She is very knowledgeable about physiologic labor, how-to serve the laboring woman, and how to comfort not only the woman but the partner as well (her being there was the only reason my husband felt comfortable taking breaks!). Even when I had to get an epidural, she was still helpful in many different ways including position changes, aromatherapy, and just feeling like a friend is there for you. Before we were even out of recovery my husband and I decided Hayley would absolutely be present when we have another baby because I can't imagine doing it without her! I would absolutely recommend her to any woman looking for a doula, you wouldn't be disappointed!

Melody Decker

I am soo glad I went with Hayley as my doula for my first birth!! She is the most friendly, helpful, and comforting presence, and made my pregnancy/birth/postpartum period so special. She answered any questions I had with common sense suggestions, advocated for me at the hospital, and honestly made my hospital induction so much more comfortable with different therapies.  I am so grateful to have her help in the whole transition into motherhood. Thank you Hayley!! 


We met with Hayley a couple of months before delivery. I immediately felt at ease around her and knew I wanted her support during my delivery.

We went in for an induction, and Hayley even called the hospital to find out logistics such as how many guests were allowed and the procedures upon arrival. We didn’t ask her to do this, but that’s just how Hayley is. She finds anything she can do take some of the burden off you when you have a million things running through your mind.

Since we knew the induction would take a while, we told her we probably wouldn’t need her at the hospital until the next day, but she kept her phone on during the night in case. She came up the next day as soon as I got the pitocin.

She was truly a lifeline during our time at the hospital. She diffused some essential oils to make it more relaxing, scratched my back that was itchy from the medicines I was on, wiped my forehead as I sweat. She knew a lot of coping strategies for the pain, and was so helpful throughout the process. Once my water broke, she continued to advocate for me with my nurses and medical professionals. I ended up having a placental abruption and an emergency c-section.

She helped to make sure I got my photographer in as quickly as possible, and she was there to support us as we spent the first couple of hours with our son. Again, she was so helpful in helping us through everything.

We didn’t have a normal birth, but Hayley anticipated our needs through the entire process and helped us to walk through the process of welcoming our son into the world. She is such a kind soul, and I am so glad that we had her support for our son’s birth. I would recommend her to anyone considering having a doula walk with them through the birth process. She was such a blessing to us, and I know you would benefit from having her welcome your little one into the world.


Back in April, I received the worst possible news any parent could hear. I went in for an ultrasound at 36 weeks, and found out that my son's heart was no longer beating. I was absolutely devastated. I didn't even know where to begin- what to do, who to turn to. I went online trying to find some resources to help, because now I had the burden of burying my child, and that's when I came to a website called yours truly birth doula. They offered bereavement support by providing me with a stillbirth doula pro bono. I had never had a doula before, but being in that situation, and knowing that I would be alone, I decided to try. That's when I met Hailey. Right from the beginning she was very supportive, offered lots of comfort, and provided me with additional resources to help me through this process. When I went to the hospital to be induced, she came and continued to assist me and offer support. She let me know that there wasn't any pressure, I could birth my way, and no matter what the case, she was there for me.

Even after the birth, and to this day, we still text each other and she makes sure I am ok. I have definately gained a friend in her, and recommend her to any and everyone. You will not be disappointed. I couldn't recommend a better, more understanding soul than Hailey. I appreciate her service, and am positive my delivery experience would have been very different had she not been there for me. She definitely put me in a better headspace and gave me the strength to make it through it. 

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