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I pride myself on providing the absolute best, reliable service to my clients. My goal is that every family we work with has positive feelings when they look back on their births. I want you to feel informed, empowered, and supported.

Free Consultation 

A 1-2 hour in person or video conference meeting where we will explore your desires and needs as a birthing mother/couple, create a birth preference, discuss goals, pain relief techniques, positions, and I will answer any questions or concerns you might have. 

Phone & Email Support 

Unlimited call/text/email support from date of hire to 6 weeks post partum. I am here to support you during your entire journey.

A 2nd Prenatal Visit

Accompany you to a prenatal appointment with your provider.

Professional Referrals

Childbirth educators, chiropractors, massage therapists, placenta encapsulators, and birth photographers, etc. As well as information on Evidence Based Birth, and information on pregnancy, birth, and newborns.

During Labor 

Unlimited labor and delivery support with no time restrictions. I will be with you every step of the way to encourage, support, and hold space for you. I will be in contact with you from the very beginning of your labor via phone, then joining you at your home, birth center, or hospital as soon as in person support is needed. 

1-2 Hours of Postpartum Care

After your birth, I will assist with getting you settled in with your new bundle of joy, and help with your first feeding if desired.

Guaranteed Back-up Doula  

If for any reason I am attending another birth and I am unable to make it to yours, I will have arranged a back-up doula to attend your birth. You will also have a chance to talk or meet with this doula if you prefer. 

Postpartum follow-up visit 

A visit to your home to ensure you are recovering well support you in your breastfeeding efforts, go over your birth experience, and answer questions. 


As Doulas, we do not...

Perform any clinical tasks

Ex: vaginal exams, or assessment of maternal or fetal wellbeing. Assist in the delivery of a baby, with or without a health care provider present

Make decisions for you 

I will help you gather information necessary to make an informed decision, and I will offer myself as a sounding board rather than give opinions.

Speak to the staff on your behalf

I will discuss your concerns with you and suggest options, but you and your partner will speak directly to the clinical staff about your care.

As your doula...

Total Investment 1250

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